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Video Marketing - A great way to grow a business

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a great way to introduce and promote your company, products and/or services. Through video marketing, your search engine ranking, click-through rates, open rates and conversions can be increased. Videos attract the audience using engaging content and are easily shareable through social media.

A digital marketing video needs a strategy with proper research and planning. There are some steps someone can follow for successful video marketing. Those include:

  • Define your video goals

It is important to outline what you want to achieve with video marketing. Whether your goal is to raise awareness of your products and services, or provide solutions to problems or convince the consumers that the product/service you offer is effective, video marketing is the best way to do so. Decide from where you want to start and where you want to go.

  • Define your target audience

Not all products/services are for everyone. You should have a specific audience in mind to make your video marketing more successful. A wide and generic audience will not give you the results you want, as most will not be interested in watching your video. To define your target audience try to answer the following questions: who is this product for? What is the purpose of the video? Where the target audience hangs out?

  • Figure out what story you want to tell.

Think about the story and emotion (e.g. laugh, inspiration, happiness etc.) you want your story to impart on the viewer as you craft your story. Then use the appropriate elements to provoke this emotion (e.g. props, location, colours, script et.).

  • Be creative and think as a viewer.

Keep being creative while writing your story and think as you were the viewer. What would engage you more? What would make you skip the video? Also think of how other people of your group would criticize the specific video and try to do the best to get positive feedback.

  • Stick to your timeline.

Schedule your video marketing to calculate how long it will take. Having a timeline and being stuck to it, serves you as a guide. It keeps you aware of how much you’ve done and what’s left to do.

  • Maintain a realistic budget.

Make plans for the money and resources you have at your disposal. Plan out what you'll create or shoot in-house versus what you'll outsource to a production company. Plan what you can afford to splurge on and what you might want to save money on. This will help you not to exceed your set budget.

You are now ready for your video marketing! Even if you choose to do it on your own or with a professional, a strategic plan is always necessary. Good luck!


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