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Using VR (Virtual Reality) Videos for your Business

Using 360 degree filming for your business can bring customers closer to the action and help them understand your business better. This works particularly well for event venues and universities.

360 degree filming brings people close to life-like videos and gives them the opportunity to experience it from the comfort of their home. It is now widely supported by video hosting websites and social media platforms. Use professionally shot video to showcase your location and tell your stories on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and others.

A well-executed 360 video can transport the viewer to a location that he or she would otherwise never visit. Viewers of 360 video can explore this new place on their own terms by simply tilting their smartphone or dragging their mouse.

Businesses with physical locations (such as restaurants and retail shops) can use 360 video to bring potential customers into their space for the first time. A 360-degree camera placed in the centre of your store can capture the atmosphere as well as the different types and arrangements of products you offer. A 360 video allows potential customers to experience the ambience and aesthetics of your restaurant, luring them with the sights and sounds of a vibrant happy hour or a relaxed family dining experience.

360 video is also beneficial for universities targeting international students, as the students can explore the areas and surroundings of the university without having to visit it in person. Having a spherical view of the university will help them decide if this is the best place for them to study!


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