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How to Promote Your Events and Attract Sponsors

A Tool to Help Sell out Your Next Event (And Get More Sponsors)

As the summer season comes to a close for another year, autumn and winter are just around the corner. But fear not, there is much to look forward to in the form of events, whether it be Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas Light Switch ons or fayres, many things will be keeping us entertained before the new year kicks in.

As a Video Producer, I am very lucky to get invited to a whole range of events, they’re all good fun. Its my job on the day to capture the highlights of the day and put it together into a short video.

We have now entered a digital era, in which it is very important to keep up to date with. One client I work for are very clever in the way they promote their events. By using the videos I created, they upload them to their website, YouTube & Facebook (using Facebook advertising). The last two videos I made for the events company collectively received 39,569 views, they linked the videos to their ticket selling website, which helped sell 1,200 tickets. By using the Facebook sponsored post on their advertising video, they could directly target their customers (based on location, interests, age range).

The organisers can also show potential sponsors how great their last event by showing them a video that they had produced of a previous event. This would be perfect for the sponsorship to see the opportunity to sponsor your great event!

Below is an example of an event Storm Videos filmed:

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