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Most popular types of business videos

Videos are becoming more and more popular nowadays and constitute one of the best ways to promote your business. And here is why: Videos combine sound, images, movements, interactivity, speech and other elements to attract your audience and engage them with your company and products.

There are a lot of types of business videos and they vary according to their purpose. We created a list of the most popular types of business videos.

Informational and entertainment video

Informational and entertainment videos are generally non – branded videos, (but may relate to your brand) and aim to inform, deliver knowledge or entertain the audience with regards to a specific topic and/or problem.

Marketing and promotion videos

Businesses use videos to advertise and promote their company and their products or/and services. These kinds of videos are used to demonstrate a product and focus on their key elements and benefits. For promotional videos, guest experts may also be invited to inspire the audience.

Animated Explainer videos

A lot of companies use explainer videos that are animated in order to introduce a problem and then the solution to that problem that can be achieved by using the product or the service of the specific company. This kind of videos is usually used for products that would otherwise be challenging or impossible to demonstrate in real life.

Live Videos

Live videos through social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) and YouTube are becoming popular for brand promotion, marketing and informational purposes. They can also be used to stream an event or announce news and company updates.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos and case studies are used to clearly show the positive impact that a product has on real people. Testimonial videos can attract more clients as they will get inspired and tempted by others’ experiences.



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