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'Appy Bank Holiday! - Video Case Study

This year at Storm Videos, it has all been about Apps! Mobile phone applications are something that we all have and certainly Apps on smart phones (whether they be iphones, androids or even a blackberry.... anyone??). The App Markets are growing and more and more businesses are taking advantage of future trends by getting Apps for their businesses to reach their audience.

Some businesses, Apps are the core of their business and despite being free, can generate a huge income through other means. Top free Apps that come to mind: Facebook, Twiiter, Instagram and even popular games such as Clash of Clans (although you'll probably end up purchasing some add-ons!).

One App (no names mentioned) has surged in the past couple of years, changing the way people travel and featuring in big cities around the world. Storm had the recent project of creating a video for a competitor, taking on the challenge of seeing the marketing process through from concept to a final video product.

This involved many challenges, including finding actors, locations, props, costumes and organising and directing shoot dates across three days of filming to create a 1 Minute Advert. The hard work really paid off and it was great fun, many months of pre-production went into the video but really is the reason why we make films. Its always great to look back and see where the idea first came from and see its final form.

If you would like to see the promotional video, watch the link below. The video was primarily used on Facebook and gained 49,721 across the two separate videos. Really enjoyed this video marketing project!

If you know someone that can benefit from video marketing for their business, Storm Videos would love to hear how they can help, just call 01234 604304 for a quick and casual conversation.

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