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Get fantastic ROI on your Video Adverts

YouTube adverts by Google offer a brilliant way to get into video advertising for a low cost with great return on investment. The advertising is extremely user friendly and works in a very similar way to GoogleAds. The platform allows users to specify where to show the advert and who to, so none of your advertising budget is wasted, you can choose specifications such as location, interests and jobs.

One of the easiest things about the platform is that you can use a video that you have already uploaded, a great tool for getting more traction to a video without having to re-upload anything.

Here is a recent video advert we tried with YouTube advertising:

YouTube adverts work on the basis that you only pay for when they show interest in your advert, so that's if they click through on your advert or if they watch the whole video or over 30 seconds - so I would always recommend making a video advert longer than this!

Other tips I would recommend is to have some narrative in the advert, if your advert pops up whilst someone is waiting for their video to load then you need to gain their attention, they might not have the video on the tab. I would also ensure that your call to action is also direct, make it easy for them to contact and make sure the advert lines up with the web page you are directing them too.

Finally make sure your brand is noticeable very early on, even if they skip your advert you don't want to miss a great opportunity to get noticed! Remember every second counts so even if you don't get a lead, you at least want some brand awareness from the advert.

YouTube are offering some great promotions with £75 free advert credit, so be sure to check that out!

If you need any help with video advertising, please get in touch and we can guide you through the process, we also can help with the creation of the video advert too from concept through to final delivery.


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