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Top 10 Tips for Getting More Views on your Company Video

Top 10 Tips for getting more views on your Company Video

If you already have a video for your company, but are struggling to get the hits, here are some basic tips to get you started.

  1. Add the video to your website homepage. This not just gets the video more hits, but boosts the website’s SEO and can be used as a more engaging way to interact with customers.

  2. Share! Share everywhere, social media is a great start, don’t forget LinkedIn. Get your colleagues, family and friends to share too. It works like a snowball effect.

  3. Timing is everything. Videos that go viral all happen with a huge number of shares in a short space of time. Make sure everybody shares the video at a similar time to make much more of an impact. Social media will recognise this as a trending video and suggest it more people.

  4. Papers, PR and Blogs. Getting a video linked to an online news article or blog, really racks up the views. The videos Storm Videos has made that get the thousands of views, are usually due to being posted on a relevant news story.

  5. Don’t forget about it. Video isn’t a one off thing. Use it and re-use it again.

  6. Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram Autoplay. Although mentioned in social media, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram now prefer their own content, if you upload directly to these, they will automatically play the video to people that are scrolling past.

  7. Groups & Forums. If you work in a specific sector, find relevant forums or groups (Facebook/LinkedIn) where you can show your video to people that will be interested.

  8. Tagging – YouTube and Facebook uploads allow you to add keywords/tags to your video, just like you can for your website. Do this in the right way and Google will suggest the video on their first page for relevant searches.

  9. Link yourself to other videos and companies. Successful content creators work in teams and will often suggest viewers to look at another company or video.

  10. Do something different! Think how many times you’ve seen that same whiteboard animation? Create something different that your customers will want to share and get the message out about your business.

Although these may be obvious to some people, hopefully there is a little nugget in there to help everyone out!

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