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1. The winner for the competion will be chosen at random. Winners must be a registered business, in the case that the winner is not a registered business, the draw will be reselected

2. All entries must be received by 23:59 of 29/04/2016, winners will be notified on Monday 02/05/2016

3. Video filming must take place between 05/09/2016 - 23/12/2016. The date must be agreed and booked in advance by 27/05/2016

4. Video editing will be delivered in 4-12 weeks from the shoot date. If any delays are incurred, the video could take longer to be edited. Winners will be made fully aware of this

5. Only one entry per business

6. Entrants may offer their winning video to a client if they wish

7. The video content is limited to 60 Seconds. The format of the video will include a company logo animation introduction, filming on location, recording any interviews and cutaways. Motion graphics are not included but title names will be. If the winner choses to have any part of the video not included in the competition rules, they have the option to upgrade for an additional fee

8. The final video that will be supplied, will be supplied alone. Storm Videos owns the rights to all footage, if they wish to receive any additional footage or video content, an agreed fee will need to be paid

9. The video will include 'A Video Created by Storm Videos' at the end, to promote who made the video

10. Included with the competition video, winners have the option for one set of changes to be made to the video. Included name titles, logos and optional taste preferences. The free promotion video cannot have a full re-edit

11. There will be no costs involved for the winner for the production of the video so long as the winner is within a 50 mile radius of London NW1 2RT. If outside this radius, winners will have the option to pay £0.25/mile, if they do not wish to pay, another winner will be chosen in their place

12. The video filming will be limited to 4 hours of on location filming & travelling. Editing will be limited to 8 hours, plus 4 hours for changes

13. Any additional costs outside the competition rules will be notified and need to be paid. Prior to the filming, the winner will notify Storm Videos of requirements, if this involves additional costs, Storm Videos will make the winner aware of this in advance

14. Storm Videos cannot be held liable for any additional costs that were not made aware to them prior to the filming or editing. The details must be agreed before planning for the video has begun

15. Storm Videos offers this and many other professional services and are offering this prize as a PR promotion to expand Storm Videos' audience. They normally charge this and all other services at full price, so will not complete other work for free. If you would like to recieve a quote for other work, please contact us

16. If Storm Videos receives no reply from the winner within 7 days, the prize will be redrawn

17. By entering, you agree to sign up to the Storm Videos mailing list, you may remove yourself from this list at any time

18. Storm Videos reserves the right to withold the winning video, all decisions made will be final


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